The Foundation
Tori's Goal is built on hard work, dedication and love!

The idea for The Tori Monica Gerstenacker Memorial Foundation “Tori’s Goal”

Came from a beloved memory of Tori’s Mom, Tara and her sister, Adrienne.

One beautiful morning in the late spring of Tori and Adrienne’s high school days, Tara didn’t feel much like going to work. So when Adrienne came downstairs Tara asked “Do you want to play hooky and go to the beach instead of school?” Adrienne immediately answered “Yes!” They laughed and waited for Tori. But Tori only got halfway down the stairs before Adrienne asked “Hey Tor, Wanna go to the beach with us instead of school?” Tori stopped, looked at her Mom in disapproval and said “Doesn’t anyone in this house have goals… I’m going to school?!” Tori marched back upstairs, finished getting ready, grabbed her back pack and off to school she went. Tara and Adrienne went to Belmar Beach.

Tori was dedicated and driven beyond measure to achieve her goals. Tori inspired people everywhere she went. So, a few of her family members and closest friends got together and decided to continue pursuing what they consider to be “Tori’s Goals”

Tori strongly believed in the importance of education and having a college degree. Tori also believed everyone should have that opportunity. So, Tori’s Goal will be awarding yearly college scholarships to students at both Howell High School and Rutgers University Camden.

Tori was meticulous about dental hygiene and her teeth. She never had one single cavity! Each year Tori’s Goal will provide full orthodontic braces to a middle school aged child who would not otherwise have the financial means for them.

Tori was patriotic! She loved the USA and all who served it. She was particularly fond of The Nine Line Foundation and the work they do for our countries most wounded Veterans. Tori’s Goal will make a yearly donation to The Nine Line Foundation to help them help those who served us all.