Tori’s Story
Forever In Our Hearts, Always On Our Minds

Tori shared a condominium at Delancey Place in Marlton, NJ with her roommate Jordan. One of the HOA rules for their neighborhood was that no commercial vehicles could be parked within the community. Tori drove a Ford F 150 pick up truck for work. (Ford F 150 trucks are parked all over Delancey Place) Tori’s truck had company decals on the doors. Nothing else was different about Tori’s Ford F 150 other than having decals on the doors.

The HOA stickered Tori’s truck only once with a final warning sticker stating her truck would be towed if she parked in her allotted parking space again. Tori, being a law-abiding citizen and someone who consistently followed the rules began parking her truck in the shopping center across the street, along with some of her neighbors who were also ticketed for driving what the HOA considered commercial vehicles. Tori lost her life in a little over a month after that ticket was stuck to the window of her truck. Tori had planned on attending the HOA meeting scheduled the second week of October to discuss the unsafe parking situation, but she never made it. Tori lost her life on Saturday, September 28th, 2019 crossing the street after work just after 6 pm.

Tori was hit by a car driven by a man who claims he just didn’t see her. Tori would be here today if she were just allowed to park her truck in front of her condo.